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Preserving Your Trust For the Benefit of Your Legacy

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The ACE Fiduciary Group  provides professional, personal, private, Trustee and fiduciary services.  Our team members:

0     Exceed California Licensing Requirements.

0     Offer expertise in situations with blended families, small business management, property management, & legacy trusts.

0     Excel in court requirements, court accountings, business receiverships and conservator appointments.

0    Check here to see the many benefits of working with our group.  

What Does A Private Trustee/Fiduciary Do?

Check out how our Safe - Simple - Stewardship services can help you and your family.

We follow your wishes, as written in your estate planning documents.

Every California fiduciary (trustee, co-trustee, conservator, guardian, financial power of attorney, executor, estate administrator, or personal representative) is held to the standards as defined by the California Probate Code.  This includes spouses, family members, friends, attorneys, CPA’s, bank/corporate trustees as well as private trustees, licensed or unlicensed.

A private trustee that is insured, bondable, and licensed the State of California offers you and your family additional protection.  In order to become a licensed fiduciary, the State of California requires a minimum of  education and experience.  At The ACE Fiduciary Group we aim to exceed expectations.  Our team members bring proven experience in both estate administration as well as other professional expertise.   By exceeding the requirements for licensing in the State of California, we can offer a professional approach to this vital service.

What Is Your Legacy?

We all leave one behind.  What will yours be? How we use our time, talents, treasure and temperament will be what others remember the best about us.  We can make a difference in the legacy we live today as well as the one we leave behind.  Thoughtful planning can reduce your stress as well as help ease the burden on friends and family when we die. 

We can help you review your wishes, values and plans with our unique process of LegacyMapping TM

Before you meet with your trusted attorney to prepare an estate plan, carefully consider the duties and skills required of a Trustee.  You know your family,  friends and  loved ones best.  While some may be quite capable, in many cases, the most loving decision is to name a professional trustee.  This allows your friends or family to honor your legacy while a professional fiduciary can steer the estate through the legal and financial requirements. 

To schedule an initial free appointment,  please contact us today.  We  consider estates located throughout California.


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