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The ACE Difference

The ACE Fiduciary Group

The ACE Fiduciary Group was created to provide collaborative support services to fiduciaries in Northern and Southern California, including marketing and branding.  The corporation does not provide fiduciary services.  Instead, member professional fiduciaries offer fiduciary services to their clients. The ACE Fiduciary Group give member fiduciaries the advantage of shared marketing, advertising and  shared overhead costs, whenever possible.

Like A Doctor's Group Practice

Just as in a doctor's group practice, each professional fiduciary manages cases and their work as they deem appropriate.  They may choose to contract with The ACE Fiduciary Group corporation to provide certain, contractual services to help them market and do their work more effectively. We offer monthly collaboration meetings to develop shared templates and processes making it easier for fiduciaries to get up and running. Each fiduciary is free to use the collaborative process and templates as they wish. We provide a regular accountability to each other and the opportunity to build trusted relationships with colleagues, thus making succession planning much easier to navigate.

Marketing 101: Mindshare equals Marketshare

In the world of business building, it is important to capture mindshare in order to bring the type of business you seek to your door.  The ACE Fiduciary Group offers a way to communicate with our marketplace.  We can more easily educate the public and referral sources about the skills and services of member fiduciaries because we get to know each other.  We are building a premier service business in this field. 

Criteria for Member Associates

We are actively seeking experienced professional fiduciaries who want to leverage cutting edge collaborative marketing methods.  You might be a perfect fit if you have additional educational training; have gotten started on your 10,000+ hours of practice in this field; and, bring a desire to focus your on developing your practice while collaborating with other exceptional fiduciaries.  Experience the best of a solo practice combined with the best of a group approach.

We are currently seeking the right mix of experienced, licensed fiduciary working in Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Napa, Santa Clara or Solano County and feel you are qualified and want more information, please  - Contact Us with the a note "I am a fiduciary. Let's talk about The ACE Fiduciary Group."

Like A Therapy Group Practice

Fiduciaries serve as "feet on the ground" to the many needs of our clients. We offer good judgment and an ability to manage through the entire estate process.  Many newer fiduciaries do not have an opportunity to gain real life training and experience before taking on cases. This can lead to a legal or ethical nightmare for both clients and the new fiduciary.

As fiduciaries we need to know the potential liability of our cases.  This potential liability can be lessened with practical, supervised training. The ACE Fiduciary Group is currently engaged in forming ways to offer in-person mentoring and training to new fiduciaries.

Like licensed therapists who are required to take a certain number of hours under the supervision of an experienced therapist, we want to encourage our profession to provide oversight and more methods to develop skills. This allows clients to receive adequate service while newer fiduciaries to receive in-depth training.  If you are interested in our internship program, Contact Us with the Subject Line re: New Master Class.

Is it a Service or Is it a Business?

Services can be a businesses.  Businesses can offer services.  But, the service offered by professional fiduciaries is best when offered as part of a collaborative group; formed to support each other and present the marketplace with the right information to select just the right choice.

Consider joining the ACE Fiduciary Group to help you excel in your practice and make an even more positive impact on the lives of  those who need your services. Only an established professional business structure can give you the boost you need.

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