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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

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Once In A Blue Moon

You have been chosen.

You are now the Trustee, Executor or Financial Agent for a family or friend's trust or estate. For many people, this is a little like the Blue Moon phenomenon.  Only every so often is there a full moon twice in the same month, so only once or twice are we called to act on behalf of someone's estate.

You have questions. 

Ask a professional fiduciary. We handle the practical; feet on the ground aspect of estate matters (not legal questions).  Send an email with your question by clicking here.  We will send you an email response. Your question and our answers may show up in our regular blog or web posts or soon in your local newspaper.

Here are a few examples of some frequently asked questions.

"My mom chose me to be the Successor Trustee of her trust. She said she wanted me instead of my brother because I will do what she wants.  Do I need to do anything now?"
From, Successful Successor

The ACE: Dear Successful, first off get down on your knees and beg your mom to choose your brother instead.  Mom's always imagine they are bestowing an honor when they choose one of their children to be the Trustee.  Believe us, it is not a walk down a red carpet with the paparazzi hounding.  Although, you may find your brother and his kids (and wife) hounding you once the games begin. 

Actually, a Successor Trustee has no power to do anything until the one before dies or resigns or is declared incompetent. Until then, just be there for your mom. You might want to offer to help her keep records and contacts organized, so you know where they are when you need them.

Oh, and be nice to your brother.  He'll soon enough either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

"I seem to be forgetting things more often. My son lives across the country and he and I really don't speak much anymore. What should I do?"  From, Faraway Parent

The ACE:
Dear Faraway, thank-you for showing wisdom and courage to face this issue head-on.  In the world of hospice and palliative medicine, the statistics on how many of us rely on a health care agent to make medical decisions for us as we near death are sobering; over 40% have a diagnosed dementia and only 10% of us will die in our beds at home. This means most people rely on an agent to make some very crucial medical decisions. That does not even cover the times we need help during convalesence or care.

Every adult needs to name at least 2-3 health agents in an Advanced Health Care directive. The best choice for this is someone who knows you and who lives near you.  If that is not an option, call us to discuss how a professional fiduciary can serve your needs and help you make plans to Tap Into Your Circle of Care.  

Or, you could always put up a billboard on your son's commute route;

"Johnny! Call Home Now To Collect Your Inheritance [Insert your phone number]." 

What? Your son's name is not Johnny?  You are sure to find at least one Johnny who would be happy to pretend to be your son. Plus it would test your son's memory of your phone number. We are kidding. You know that, right? 

Protect yourself and preserve your assets by calling a professional licensed fiduciary.

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