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Preserving Your Trust For the Benefit of Your Legacy

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A professional trustee or fiduciary is licensed, insured and experienced in handling the variety of estate matters.    

Each person walks through their own aging process only once.  A professional fiduciary does so with every client.  We are familiar with resources and services needed by us all as we age.  Professional fiduciaries are trained to know elder abuse and understand undue influence. We can help protect elders from this growing crime. 

A neutral professional preserves your trust for your legacy.  If there is conflict between family members a professional fiduciary can help keep conflict from eroding your estate.  A professional fiduciary knows how to take legally authorized actions for your needs as you age and then for your beneficiaries when you are gone.

Since a professional fiduciary may not receive gifts or distributions from our clients, we do not have the potential conflict of interest that a family member may have.  We act according to your written wishes to protect your assets and of minimize the types of errors non-professional make - lack of trustee reporting or errors in distributions. 

We can assist families and small businesses when a 3rd party, neutral is required to close or manage an estate. A professional trustee is a must when you want to create a charitable trust to avoid IRS scrutiny.  Click here to find out more about the services we offer.

In some cases, an elderly adult does not want to hobble the estate with a conservatorship and secures the services of a professional fiduciary to assist with daily financial management. 
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Let us know a little about your situation.  You may just want to better understand the role you have started as a trustee.  Or, you may be wondering if you need a private trustee.  We keep any inquires in the strictest confidence.   You can receive our
REE guide to help you select a trustee when you submit your question below.
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How Do Our Services Benefit You? 
√    Your values, your legacy, your needs, your sphere of influence and your wishes are honored by our team.

√   Choosing a qualified, licensed, professional trustee, executor or conservator can save your family money by managing expectations and reducing the areas which often can lead to litigation.

√   We are legally required to follow your decisions as written in your trust documents as well as the laws of the State of California and the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.

√ We offer a fair, unbiased alternative to laying an unequal burden on family or friends.

√ Our fiduciaries may offer LegacyMapping TM  to help evaluate your plans, wishes and values and find ways to help you live your legacy.

√ We use investment advisors to obtain professional investment management expertise which builds a portfolio that balances risk and return under the guidelines set forth in the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.  We continually monitor progress towards goals and budgets developed in our LegacyMapping TM  process.

√ Captive trustees can succumb to portfolio management that is product-driven instead of client goal/needs driven. Our fiduciaries are independent and select financial advisors based upon their skills, knowledge, performance and ability to work within the constraints of fiduciary requirements.

√ We carry fiduciary liability insurance covering work performed by our fiduciaries. Each of our fiduciaries can be bonded, if required by the court or requested by the beneficiaries.

√ Licensing, certification as a Professional Fiduciary and participation in professional groups such as PFAC, NGA, and local attorney bar associations provide our fiduciaries with ongoing education regarding our responsibilities & duties.
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