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Preserving Your Trust For the Benefit of Your Legacy

Services Offered

Private Trustee

A fiduciary as trustee is responsible for following the terms of the trust, as set forth in the trust document.

Typical Duties of a Fiduciary/Trustee include:
    ❋ diversifying trust assets;
    ❋ executing prudent investment decisions according to the UPIA;
    ❋ timely (usually annually), accurate reporting to  beneficiaries.
    ❋ filing income tax returns for the trust and reporting income to beneficiaries.
    ❋ making distributions from or funding a trust in  accordance with trust terms.

Will also consider serving as a Trust Protector in situations which could use oversight and guidance of younger family member trustees or Special Needs Trusts.

Estate Conflicts

Occasionally a family will be in conflict over the terms or the way a trust has been previously handled.  When there is such conflict, it can be best for the estate to name a neutral, 3rd party, professional trustee.  We have handled this type of situation and will consider these types of appointments on a case by case basis.  We can also offer estate, trust or conservatorship audits.  Some of our members have been called as an expert witness in probate trials.


A fiduciary as conservator of the estate is appointed by the court to make financial decisions for someone deemed by doctors and the court as lacking the mental capacity to do so for themselves.  We can recommend a Conservator of the Person, if that is also required. A conservator must follow the orders of the court handling estate assets.  A Conservator must follow the strict guidelines of the law in reporting to the court and all beneficiaries as to their actions.


A fiduciary as guardian of the estate is appointed, on behalf of a minor, to manage funds entrusted to them for the benefit of the minor, until they reach age 18 or longer if incapacitated.    A Guardian of the person is most often a family member.  Keeping control of funds separate insures integrity in handling and holding funds until the minor is an adult.  The duties of a Guardian of the Estate are similar to those of a trustee.

Trust & Estate Administration

Our team offers services to attorneys and to individual or family member trustees in such aspects of trust or estate administration as preparing the court accounting;  monthly bookkeeping assistance; assisting a widowed spouse with organizing and managing financial records.  Preparing small estate affidavits and other estate related documents according to attorney instructions.

Financial Power of Attorney or Co-Trustee

While the duties and liability of handling a trust or estate as a Power of Attorney or Co-Trustee can be a barrier to taking on this type of work, in selected circumstances, we will consider such appointments.

Family Council Moderator

When the conversation becomes difficult, call in an experienced family council moderator. We only go through our own aging and death once. It can help to have an outside moderator assist in a family council meeting, much like a Board of Directors, to make crucial decisions about care and management as parents age or become more frail.

LegacyMapping TM

We all reach a point in life where we turn from our daily toils and review our life. We want to touch the future, in a personal way.  We wish to offer some tangible kindness to others and to be cared for in return, especially as we age. 

Some of our team members are trained in our
unique process of LegacyMapping TM.   This is a combination of practical and creative coaching designed to start with your values; your story; your wishes, your financial resources; your goodwill "capital"; and, your plans.  We'll help you begin to live your legacy while making concrete plans and positive goals for the next stage of your life.

Most importantly, this process can unlock a
 vision for the future generationsIt is a map into your H.E.A.R.T.
and a method to encourage you to live your legacy today.

 Our Fees

Our fees are normally based upon the value of assets and fall within the standards set by courts for reasonable trustee compensation.  For some of the services offered, we will charge an hourly rate or a flat fee. We can provide the best quote after meeting with the client and reviewing the needs of the situation.  In all cases, our fees are reasonable and customary for the skills, expertise and value added. See the benefits of working with us.


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