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We'll be adding links and samples of information that we find helpful.  If you enjoy what you find or think something new could be added, let us know.

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 Taking Your Digital Inventory?

Just like you might have a spare key to your home hidden away, it is prudent to create a digital inventory and a way to secure and update passwords. There are a number of methods to do this but none are seamless.   Your named agent may still need your written authorization to access in order to avoid a possible felony.

Read the article, "Who Has Your Spare Key?" by clicking here first to provide background to the issue of who has the legal authority to access your digital assets.

You could use a spreadsheet, encrypt it with a password and provide the key to your agent to use when and if needed. Alternatively, you may want a service that keeps your changing passwords up to date. A list of online digital inventory and information sites is shown below.

Note: A digital inventory is not the same as identity theft protection services. Some of these services charge for unneeded credit reports and services not related to the specific issue of protecting,  yet lawfully sharing access to your digital assets.

The information about these websites is offered for your personal use as a resource only. This list is not an endorsement of nor an indication of the security or usefulness of these websites.  If you use them, exercise caution as sensitive data in the wrong hands spells troubleDo your own diligent research. The companies that offer these services may no longer offer the service or may have ulterior motives for offering the service. A few that had been on the list were recently dropped after a search which came up empty.  Be an aware and informed consumer!

Take stock of your digital life. Set-up a spare key for your digital assets. Protect your named agent and your digital assets with a written authorization to allow your named agent access to your digital keys. Ask us to help you set-up a "DOLA" agreement with your named agent. 

If you find a service you like, let us know so we can update our research and help others.

Level – 1 Informational

 Level – 2 (Assist in inventory, no direct access to accounts.)

Level – 3 (Updated online, access to accounts)

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