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Preserving Your Trust For the Benefit of Your Legacy

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The ACE Fiduciary Group is a network of professionals committed to one goal, to provide the expertise you need for estate administration solutions.  Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We are located and cover cases throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We use cutting edge technologies to ensure timely and responsive service. We want to continue building our skills so we are your first choice in "Preserving Your Trust For the Benefit of Your Legacy".

Loren R. Acuña, MBA, Certified Professional Licensed Fiduciary - Founder
Loren bega
n her career in financial services after graduating from UC Berkeley, California.  Working within the negotiated mortgage transactions industry, she learned risk assessment and best financial management practices while working for a number of financial institutions, including Citicorp Investment Bank.

In 1992, she earned her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.  Soon thereafter, she gained the practical skills of small business management as a consultant to start-up business and as the Treasurer for the law firm Acuña & Casas, P.C.

Since the turn of the century, Loren has applied her financial management skills to handling estates. This includes handling estate transfers, probates, trust distributions, charitable trusts, bankruptcies,  conservatorships and guardianships totaling well over $50 million in asset values.  She often writes about her experience as a fiduciary. You can read some of her articles at The 5th Chapter.

 As a member of The Professional Fiduciary Association of California, an affiliate member of the Contra Costa County Bar, and Founder of The ACE Fiduciary Group, Loren is thrilled to bring her financial management, legal and small business management experience together for clients and associates of The ACE Fiduciary Group.  Her goal is to g
row The ACE Fiduciary Group into a firm that is known throughout Northern California as  the "go to" resource for highly qualified professionals working within the estate,  probate,  and fiduciary field.

Loren enjoys collaborating with and getting know other professionals in the area through her involvement in such groups as The Conversation Project Steering Committee, East Bay Senior Resource Solutions (EBSOS), Trusted Advisors & Professional Services (TAPs) and other networking opportunities.


Loren regularly teaches and presents to attorneys, tax professionals, investment advisors and family member trustees on a variety of topics, such as the following:
"If These Documents Could Talk"
"How to Close an Estate and Still Get Invited to Thanksgiving Dinner". 
"Don't Lose Your Valued Client to Dementia"
"Under The Hood of Probate Accounting"
"Don't Get Fooled - Avoid Common Myths of Aging"

Contact us if you would like to find out more about scheduling a client appreciation or family trust matters course. Our goal is to support our referring professionals with high-quality, informative presentations. 

Loren is married to Frank R. Acuña, Certified Estate Planning Attorney. They have two adult children. She enjoys riding her scooter or bicycle; coming up with new ideas; playing DogoneGolf Frisbee©  with her border collies; exploring small towns and open space areas in Northern California; and, creative writing in her spare time.

Linda Garvin, RN, MSN - Affiliate

Linda is a nurse case manager and elder health advocate.  She has  more than 30 years of heath care experience.  Linda is an affiliate of The Ace Fiduciary Group and also manages her own business as a patient advocate.  Linda is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts where she earned her MSN degree in Nursing and her Adult Nurse Practitioner training with honors.  She has a Masters Degree in Gerontology.

Linda is a published author on topics included health insurance, preventing medication errors and deriving the most from your doctor's appointment. Linda has co-facilitated an Alzheimer's support group at the University of California, San Francisco. 

Linda works with our group in cases that involve health care decisions to provide a care management evaluation and plan.  She  assists the fiduciaries with evaluation of appropriate care facility or care services.  She also provides valuable insight in the areas of here expertise, including such topics as pain and symptom management, grief, communication and culture in end of life care and elder abuse. 

You can find out more about her practice at and also by reading the following articles.  You may also hear her occasional interviews on KPIX/CBS.

SavvyGal - Insider Tips On Preventing Denied Insurance Claims
Blog Articles - How To Prevent Medication Errors in the Elderly
Pain Foundation - "Gentle Exercises on Chronic Pain". This article is being used by the University of Washington for a study on chonic pain and multiple sclerosis.

Next Team Member Bio - Coming Soon

Our Associates and Affiliates are not employees of The ACE Fiduciary Group.  Rather they are independent professionals who have agreed to a collegial working relationship to improve the service offered. 

Associates are Professional Licensed Fiduciaries who have skills, education and experience that exceeds the minimum State of California requirements.  See below to find out what is involved in becoming an Associate and  extending your reach to clients throughout the Bay Area. 

Calling fiduciaries with 5,000+ hours in estate experience who want to join forces to educate the public and attorneys about how we can serve our clients.
Our associate member fiduciaries must have significant experience in estate, trust and probate related matters.  Each fiduciary manages their own practice, but we collaborate and draw upon the experience of others in our group. We will also share advertising, marketing and some overhead expenses to help each of us grow our practice areas more quickly.  If you are interested and have what it takes, call to discuss further.

s are other professionals with whom the fiduciary works closely on a regular basis.  We may hire one of our affiliates to collaborate on a case.  Each manages their own business and they are not employees of The ACE Fiduciary Group nor do we receive any re-numeration or benefit from them in our work as fiduciaries.  Rather we choose to work with our Affiliates because they excel in what they do. From Care Management,  Bookkeeping, Investment Management, and organization or administrative skillsWe are happy to meet with you to discuss what is required to become an Affiliate.

Other types of professionals, including attorneys, real estate brokers, estate appraisers, health care professionals or care givers may become part of our TAPs group. See our page on Tap Into Your Circle of Care or Referring Professionals for more information.

To find out if you are qualified to become an associate fiduciary or an affiliate, Contact Us to schedule a meeting.


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